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My name is Danielle Dagba.

I am a Spiritual Teacher and a Body wellness Coach.


I am originally from Pot-Au- Prince, Haiti. But I currently reside in Southern California.


 I immigrated to Boston, MA in 1991, where I met my husband Alain Dagba  and we’ve been inseparable since. We’re not only life partners but are also ministry partners and owners of Happiness Retreat Center, LLC. And the proud parents of Jasmine, 24 , Jeremiah, 18, and Selah 13.




Since I was a little girl I’ve always felt and known that I was different from everyone else around me. 


For instance back home in HAITI when people would come to the house to sell  my mother some goods, I treated them like everyone else. I didn’t think of them as being of a “lower class”.


I could sense others energy and feel their pain or if they were not being totally honest. Inevitably as a little girl I would go to the extreme to make others happy. I wanted to alleviate their pain.


Even when family members would forbid me to greet certain neighbors who they considered enemies, I couldn’t find it in me to be unkind and mean to them.


I was called gullible and some other names I’d rather not mention (Lol)


This and being sexually molested as a child completely changed my perception of myself,  there was a disconnect between me and who I used to be. My innate spiritual abilities halted. 


When I became a single mom in my early 20’s I felt a huge responsibility to heal my life. I felt this innocent life I ushered into this world deserved better.


That’s when I prayed and later on met my husband who was instrumental in my healing journey 

back to myself. 


I dedicated every fiber of my being to applied spiritual and biblical teachings. I recovered what was lost and more. And I am still unfolding. 


I’ve learned my wounded inner child is incapable of true forgiveness. I had no other choice but to awaken God in me as I sought true liberation from the pain of the abuse. 


I forgave everyone who’d hurt me. Even the rape incident on campus.  When I say “I”  in this context I’m referring to the Father in me; ocean of unconditional love, and my inner being.


I reclaimed myself, Healed my life and dropped the extra 60lbs that my body accumulated over the years from self-abuse and emotional eating.


For the past two decades I’ve turned my Life work into a LIGHT work where I assist others in reconnecting back to themselves and with their bodies through self-love,  forgiveness, emotional healing and body wellness.

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